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About Junction

Junction is a global converging point for thousands of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Last November in Helsinki, we provided the biggest hackathon experience in Europe with almost 1300 participants from 77 different nationalities who created over 300 projects during one weekend.

Next November, Junction 2017 will bring you a whole new set of the latest technology, interesting partners to co-work with and an impressive venue to make, build and break the status quo. This year, we are introducing a whole new day to our hackathon, Hack Talks. With keynotes from industry experts and hands-on workshops, the day will continue our journey of inspiring hackers to have fun, meet new people and create ambitiously new projects.

For Partners


Gain recognition among thousands hackers, other creative partner companies and global media.


Give your product to the hands of tech-savvy developers and get straight feedback from the final users to create your technology even further


A unique setting to enhance your employer brand and to interact with 1500 selected top developers and designers.

Want to hear more? Contact partnerships@hackjunction.com