This Is Junction

Junction organizes a wide variety of tech events around the year around the world, as well as online: this is what we're all about.

A Global Hackathon and Tech Community

Projects created

Hackathons can benefit companies in many different ways. We would be happy to discuss about your company's needs, just send us a message!

What We Do

In our hackathons, we bring together developers, designers and other tech-minded people to create new projects and solve intriguing challenges. In order to offer our participants the most stimulating problems and latest technology, we partner with roughly 60 companies yearly. In addition, we organize meetups, speaker events, workshops and more. The event-filled year peaks annually with our flagship event, Junction, held in Finland with around 1500 developers and designers in attendance every year.

We believe that technology is a powerful tool when used right, and everybody should have the possibility to build meaningful things with it: that's why all of our events are centered around learning and creating with technology.

What's Next?

We organize hackathons and tech events around the year, around the world. Our main event of the year, Europe's leading hackathon, will be back in late 2023 - something you don't want to miss. In the meantime, check out our event concepts to see what we do and our calendar to see what's next!

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