7 tips on short project management by Sun Effects

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7 tips on short project management by Sun Effects

Helsinki Airport, Slush, Reflektor, Flow Festival. These are just some of the projects that SunEffects were doing. Such impressive work cannot be done without on-top-level project management.

We asked SunEffects to share some tips for our followers and hackathon participants on managing short projects (like the ones you are implementing during hackathons). It might be very helpful for your team on Junction 2023 in November 😉

Let’s make it through to make the project look as “wow” as possible?

1. Have you defined your project objectives? Remember to stay focused and on track.

2. Now that you have a general idea of what your event should look like, let’s dive into details! Break down the project into smaller tasks and create a detailed project plan with clear timelines and milestones. Make sure that all the tasks are assigned to the right people and everyone knows what they are doing. Don’t forget to check on them and track your progress. It is on!

3. Have you set the deadlines? You do want to consider all the coffee breaks as well. Make sure your deadlines are realistic. Fingers crossed, you won’t face any unexpected delays but the saying is true: forewarned is forearmed.

4. Cherish and support your team (aka make sure they are on the right track): Have open and frequent communication and create a great working environment!

5. Get some help! Foster collaboration to bring more creative minds to achieve amazing results. Just the way Junction and Sun Effects are combining their forces to organise JUNCTION 2023

6. Keep it simple: For short-term projects, it’s important to keep the project management processes and documentation clear. Avoid unnecessary complexity and focus on the essential aspects of project management to save time and resources.

7. Don’t forget about the branding. Promotion is a big part of your project’s success. We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but make sure the cover looks cool anyway.

Evaluate your results and learn from them! Remember, each project is unique, so adapt these tips to suit the specific needs of your short-term project. Good luck!

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7 tips on short project management by Sun Effects

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